When I cry,

I melt all the pieces

of you

in me,

and we flow into the world

like the beautiful river we are,

once again.


Another Day in The Fruit Bowl

There is no doubt about it.

A pineapple is,

and always will be,

a pineapple.

It does not look like a peach.

It does not feel like a peach, or taste like a peach.

If you want a peach, pick a peach.

Unless of course you prefer pineapple,

in which case,

you know what to do.


Always just another day

in the fruit bowl.


The Key

Never let go of the key once it finds you.

The key will whisper the wind into you.

It will connect you to the invisible strands of life that make music you and that make you music.

The key will whisper the way to you, your way, the one you never even knew you’d been searching for.

Never let go of the key once it finds you.

Just let it unlock you.

The wind will take care of the rest.